Speakers and Panelists

Hiroyuki Takeda

IUBS President


Welcome Address

Nils Christian Stenseth

IUBS President


Organizer of the Centenary Year Celebration and 33rd GA of IUBS
From Charles Darwin till today: the unified biology through more than 150 years

Regine Jahn

IUBS Vice President


Linking taxonomy and evolution: from Linné to Darwin

Hans Petter Graver

President, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Science for Science, Science for Policy, Policy for Science and Open Science

Svein Stølen

Rector of the University of Oslo

Welcome address by organizing hosts

David Hawksworth

IUBS President


Panel dialogue "Past, Present and Future of IUBS”

Marvalee Wake

IUBS President


The International Union of Biological Sciences: A perspective on evolution in action--20th century development and accomplishment, and potential 21st century leadership

Motonori Hoshi

IUBS President


Panel dialogue "Past, Present and Future of IUBS”

John Buckeridge

IUBS President


Panel dialogue "Past, Present and Future of IUBS”

Raghavendra Gadagkar

The advantages of living in groups

Eörs Szathmary

The major transitions through evolutionary history

Dylan Childs

What can comparative demography teach us about ecology and evolution?

Martin Sikora

Seeing the human history through the glasses of biology

Matt Pennell

Macroevolution: linking paleontology and evolution

Leif Andersson

Linking evolution and genomics

Berhane Asfaw

Human evolution: A view from the Afar of Ethiopia